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ya, yah

Definition: (St. Croix) "here" ("Dese pencil yah is yours?", "I deh yah coolin", "She live far from yah?")
Source: Page 96, Sterns, Robin. Say it in Crucian! A Complete Guide to Today's Crucian for Speakers of Standard English. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 2008.
Definition: "1. Here. 'Ah de ya.' I am here. 'Seet ya.' See it here. 2. Yes. From Danish, Ja. [Used as a suffix denoting emphasis, assertion or approval.] 'Tis good, ya.' It sure is good.""
Source: Page 138, Valls, Lito. What a Pistarckle! A Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole. St. John, USVI. 1981.
See: "heh" for St. Thomas/St. John/Water Island.

yaba, yabba

Definition: ("spelled "yabba") "noun; an insult. Man, he gie she such a yabba she stan' up dey an' bawl."
Source: Page 91, Roy, John D. A Brief Description and Dictionary of the Language Used in the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas, USVI, 1975.
Example: "I rememba, as a child stoppin in front ah Roebuck house on my bike to get a quick cool off out deh sun, mehson, somebody come outside and I geh a serious 'yabba' mehson only 9 years old, I had feel so bad ridding away. Ain nothin like a VI old person 'yabba' mehson."
Source: Tyrone, on Facebook, 2010.


See: nyam.
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: (spelled "yam-yam") "Eat. Also said plain, yam."
Source: Page 139, What a Pistarckle! 


Definition: a person from the United States. Can also refer to American-style English ("You duh speak Yankee?")
Source: Pages 14, 96, Say it in Crucian!

"Yankee blood"

Definition: The perception that V.I. mosquitoes prefer to bite tourists. "Ma'an ya does have yankee blood...ya fresh meat, meson!" "das fresh meat to dem I guess...island ppl always deh so when yankee blood gone is back to de same old ting."
Source: Discussion on I Love My Virgin Islands Accent group, Facebook, 2010.


Definition: "Yankified," to be from the Virgin Islands but have been in thr States so long you have adopted Yankee characteristics.
Example: (from the poem "Jou'vert Morning Bacchanal)
"What your Yankeefy ass
know bout mas? You been in that damn icebox so long
that you ain't know island queen from island wabeen."
Source: Page 44, Williams, Marvin E. Dialogue at the Hearth. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 1993.

yank, yankin'

Definition: a Crucian using Stateside-style Standard English.
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: (of the verb "yank"), "To speak imitative of stateside Americans."
Source: Page 138, What a Pistarckle! 

'''yellow tail"

Definition: (St. John) a white girl.
Example: "I got me some yellow tail" = "I slept with a white girl."
Posted by: Julie, 2010.

"'Yes' don' climb hill."

Definition: Saying to mean actions speak louder than words.
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2010.

"yo muddah!"

Definition: "An expletive. [Literally: your mother.] This is an expletive of the worst kind. The greatest insult, it is well to note, to an islander is to insult his mother. This is an affront beyond repair."
Source: Page 139, What a Pistarckle! 


Definition: "You. You are. Your."
Source: Page 139, What a Pistarckle! 

"Yoh caan' tek milk from coffee."

Definition: What's done is done.
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.

"yoh ain know"

Definition: used where in Standard English "You won't believe" or "you'll never guess" might be used ("You ain know wha happen to me da uda day?")
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!

"Yoh doh hear!"

Definition: used for "you haven't heard?" ("Yoh doh hear! Weenie mash up his ride sick-sick on de highway.")
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!

"Yoh mouth does run like a rar rar."

Definition: expression to mean "motor mouth," one who won't stop talking.
Source: I Love My Virgin Islands Accent, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: see "rass." Rude for "you."
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!

"You dun know"

Definition: used for "Don't you know" or "you can be sure" ("So you dun know I throw she a couple of lines and geh she hooked man.")
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!

"You harden!"

Definition: "You don't listen!"
Source: LaToya, on Facebook, 2008.

"You have a band-aid for every cut!"

Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.

You know you're from St. Croix when...

1. You miss Armstrong's ice cream because Haagen Dazs doesn't have flavors like soursop, passion fruit, guava, or tamarind.
2. You know it's not a "snow cone", it's a FRACO!!! and you know if you want one to look for the fraco man in the silver truck or the fraco lady underneath the tamarind tree in C'sted.
3. You know that Ag fair, basketball tournaments, and horse races are
really fashion shows and no one cares about the agriculture, the basketball games, or the horses.
4. You don't know the names of any of the streets. You give directions by saying to look for the house after you pass the big tree with the white gate with the blue car in the yard.
5. You don't know what a white Christmas is, you'd prefer to be on the beach.
6. No matter how far away you are, you come home for Christmas cuz you can't bear the thought of missing Queen Show, Village, Food Fair, or Parade.
7. You wake up at 4 a.m. to tramp down the streets in back of huge trucks with music blasting in your skimpiest outfit. aka J'OUVERT!!! (pronounced jew-vay for all the Statesiders)
8. During Christmas, you don't know anything but music from Jam Band, Phranchyze, Xtaushun, Express, and Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights.
9. Your favorite Christmas song is "Mama, Bake the Johnny Cake, Christmas comin..."
10. You equate a band winning Road March to them winning the Grammies.
11. You know coke, sprite, and pepsi are nothing compared to Brow Soda (American Ice Cream, Damson, Sorrel, Lime Rickey, etc.)
12. There's no such thing as "carding" for alcohol...who the hell cares?
13. On the weekends you find yourself at Moonraker, Drive-Inn, and Glimpses.
14. A plate of food consists of baked macaroni, season rice & beans, stuffing, plantains, coleslaw, and some sort of meat (bake chicken, fry fish, stew goat, etc.)
15. A good breakfast consists of butter bread and cheese, not a friggin cinnamon roll and cereal.
16. When you vex, u does chuuups and cut eye.
17. There is no such sound as 'th'. You say dem, not them. Dat not that.
18. When you cussin' somebody you tell dem bout dey MUDDASCUNT!!!
19. The only high schools that matter are Complex, SDA, Central, Good Hope and Country Day.
20. You drive on the left side of the road.
21. You think a "highway" consists of two lanes on each side and you don't expect for all roads to have lines on them, you know to stay on your own side.
22. You know that in order to become a senator or governor, all you have to do is have a fish fry and give away a heap of food.
23. Tim Duncan is your hometown hero.
24. Your vocabulary consists of phrases like meeno, wha pah u deh, fortrue, you LIE, etc.
25. You say you 're going to bathe, not take a shower.
26. On Sundays you find yourself at either Cramer's Park, Rainbow, Cane Bay, or Dorsch.
27. You think it's normal to be driving along and have to swerve to avoid chickens, goats, horses, and cows .
28. You refer to the three islands as twin city, rock city, and love city.
29. You know people whose idea of leavin home is goin to UVI - St. Thomas Campus.
30. Anybody east of the BVI is a gasso and a person from the Dominican Republic is a SANTO.
32. You know all gas stations and mini-marts are owned by the Arabs.
33.You know even the police smoke weed.
34. You know that "carry me" does not mean to physically pick me up, it just means to take me somewhere.
35. You refer to the U.S. as "the States" or Babylon.
36. You know that Sunny Isles was the place to lime, not "hang out",
37. Heineken is a food group.
38. Sen. Redfield narrates all our hurricanes.
39. Rum and Coke are names of past Govenor/Lt.Govenor.
40. School repairs never start til September.
41. Seat belts for parents, but kids are tossed about in back of pickup.
42. You can drink and drive. But must wear a seat belt.
43. You can't see the road due to collection of old inspection stickers on windshield.
44. Everything you own is either before Hugo or after Hugo.
45. Our island has more Blackouts than Robert Downey,Jr.
Source: This is all over the Internet, but the source here is Naomi, on Facebook, 2007.

You know you're from the Virgin Islands when...

1. A suck teeth means, a fight!!!
2. You catch a ride with someone who's music is extremely loud,and although you may lose your sense of hearing, you do it anyway cause it's cool.
3. Carnival Queen rolls around and rather than enjoying the pagent the crowd: criticizes all of the contestants, somebody finds out that their boyfriend has another girlfriend and by the end of the show nobody knows exactly what went on at the show.
4. You can become a senator, and your son or daughter has committed more crimes than the average criminal.
5. Tons of girls fight over an over weight calypsonian by the name of Nick Friday.
6. The girl who can " wok up" the best is the most popular girl and the girl who get good grades is not.
7. You get mad at a cashier for bad service, and the cashier not only gives you attitude, she cusses you out and gives you more terrible service.
8. A fish fry, a "jam" at Victor's Hideout will get you elected to a political office.
9. Hurricane destroys the satellite connection for local cable and you won't get service for another year.
10. After three o'clock the water is cut off in Ras Valley.
11. The first day of high school at IEKHS resembles a fashion show not an institution for learning.
12. There is a holiday for everything we Virgin Islanders can think up.
13. Government employee's take three hour lunches, and leave early to get there hair done.
14. Nobody goes to work after jouvert.
15. School kids never made it to school because the bus driver turned around and took them back to the bus-stop for cutting up.
16. Females try to prove their cleanliness by putting powder under their necks, even when going out in public.
17. Every boy-child in your family name "Junie."
18. Mothers who thump-up chi'ren (even in public) don't get haul off to jail for chile abuse.
19. Instead of being a good school student and getting help from the proper authorities, you ball out "In he skin, and run after the fight. maybe you private school students can't relate).
20. A major source of entertainment occurs every April when you go and walk around a bunch of smelly people, and eat Freco and tamarind stew.
21. Your idea of fun is jumping up and down 4:00 in de marning, wearing pum pum shorts,carrying a sweaty towel and shouting "Kill the Rabbits"
22. You live in the states for a while and yo' yankin' every day, and as soon as yo' get vex, you cussin' modda dis and all kinda ting nobody understand except you!
23. De Senataz akin wuss dan de chi'ren dem.
24. Rum cost less dan juice in de sto.
25. You know yo in de VI when the taxi drivers fighting & cussing for passengers.
26. Yo know you from de VI when going on a barge packed with drunk and high people in the middle of the night does not seem like something stupid to do.
28. You sit under a tree for hours trying to "ketch ride to tung town."
29. You refuse to run to "ketch a ride" when someone stops 100 feet away because... (read the next line) You experienced someone driving away the closer you got to their car >because you were not the person they thought you were.
30. You at one time (or you know someone who) had someone give you a ride then after a few hundred feet they stopped and dump you out of their car in plain view of all the others under the tree.
31. You call number 2 (bathroom lingo) "coocoo" as a child.
32. You see stars every night because "WAPA tun arf the dam lights again!"
33. When power garn den come back arn, yo cable TV don't come back arn til three hours later.
34. If you didn't land in a casha bush at some point in you life, you were not a Virgin Islander.
35. You either chop someone or someone chop you with a stone.
36. You grab stones at the start of any altercation.
37. If you were from "country" (Tutu, Bovoni, Smith Bay, etc), you look at people from Bourdeux like they were foreigners.
38. You cannot say a complete sentence without using the words "mi son!"
39. You mudda use to fling you in a shopping cart at Grand Union and give you a whole meal before you reach the counter.
40. You thought wrestling was real.
41. You did not wear anything closely resembling your school uniform on the weekends.
42. The name everybody calls you by is not your real name.
43. You purposely start fights using the words: "wha you call my mudda mi son?"
44. All the fights you ever had began with a "chuck arf."
45. None of your bus drivers were natives.
46. You knew a bus driver name "Mudda Goose" who used to hold brakes going up a hill.
47. As a man somebody had to have called you "antee" at some point and as a woman, "bat."
48. Your school book bag with two straps was carried over only one shoulder and to do otherwise meant you were a punk, mama boy, or professor.
49. Colorful hanging beads separated your bedroom area from the living room and/or kitchen.
50. You don't know what its like to sympathize with someone after a blunder.
51.You follow such blunders with the muffled exclamation,UH...UMMMMMMMMMMMM! You worry if they are hurt later.
52. All your American friends love you for bringing Punche Kuba into their lives.(And Cruzan Rum!)
53. You know you from de VI when you go to a party and at least 2 other people have on the same outfit as you.
54. You know you from de VI when ppl just go to the mall to sit down and watch ppl walk up and down or walk up and down themselves!
55. When 8 people fit in a car that only holds four people because everybahdy wants to go to the jam or party but only 1 person does drive.
56. When u sneak out of yo parents house @ least once to go to a Jam Band, Sugar Band, Xtaushun or some other jam!
57. You know you're a Virgin Islander when you've seen High School (CAHS) chi'ren all over St. Thomas when they belong in school.
58. When High School always don't have no school.
59. If u know about the Devil Ray v. Chicken Hawk Rivalry.
60. If u know wat "Waterfront" is and how many accidents have occurred there.
61. You know you're a Virgin Islander when u hear 3-5 sirens sound a day.
62. The Virgin Islands has a "queen", "princess" or "Miss/Ms./Mrs. So & So" for EVERY TITLE U COULD THINK POSSIBLE.
Source: Xinovia, on Facebook, 2006.

"You lie down with dog, you get up with flea."

Definition: You will end up with the same reputation as those you associate with.
Source: LaToya, on Facebook, 2008 .

"You need sum feel good!"

Definition: You need some sex, a drink, etc.
Source: blank
Alternative spellings: blank
Tags: blank

"Your eyes and ears well long."

Definition: You are extremely nosy, greedy.
Source: Seen on Facebook, 2009.

"Your mother is man."

Definition: Your mother is ugly.
Source: Jojo, on Facebook, 2006.

yous, you's

Definition: "you are."
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!

"yours own"

Definition: "Yours. 'Leave it alone. Tain' yours own.'"
Source: Page 138, What a Pistarckle!

yousa, yous a, youza

Definition: (YOO-za) "Are you a..." "You are a..." ("Yousa Crucian", "Yous a papa?" = "Are you Puerto Rican?")
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: (YOOT) pronunciation for "youth," young people.
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!

yuh, yo

Definition: "your" ("Wha hoppin to yuh foot?")
Alternative spellings: yo, yoh
Source: Page 96, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: "yours."
Example: "Da ain mine, das yuhs-own!"
Posted by: Natalie, 2009.


Definition: Literally, "used to."
Example: "Dah shit deh i yusto she everyday mehson."
Source: Robert, on Facebook, 2010.
Alternative spellings: blank
Tags: blank

blank entry

Definition: blank
Example: blank
Source: blank
Alternative spellings: blank
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