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Definition: native dance of the Virgin Islands and other Caribbean islands, similar to square dancing, with traditional dress featuring madras fabrics.
Source: Page 89, Sterns, Robin. Say it in Crucian! A Complete Guide to Today's Crucian for Speakers of Standard English. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 2008.
Definition: "A square dance of French origin. This dance originally meant for four couples was introduced in England from France in 1813 by the Duke of Devonshire. It is not known whether the dance came to our shores from the French islands or direct from England or Ireland through planters and managers, but it survives to this day and of late has gained vogue with the younger set."
Source: Page 101, Valls, Lito. What a Pistarckle! A Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole. St. John, USVI. 1981.

quaht, qwat, quata

Definition: short for "quarter," twenty-five cent coin.
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!
Example: "Cheeeez on bred mison, anyone got a hard qwat fer de phone ya."
Source: Seen on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: shortened form of "quarrel" ("Wha yo quallin fa?")
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!

Queen Mary

Definition: "leader of the labor revolt (1878) on St. Croix."
Example: (from the poem "Manjack in the Hall"):
Buddhoe we won't forget you
Buddhoe we won't neglect you
Queen Mary catch your fire
and we gon take it higher"
Source: Glossary and page 61, Williams, Marvin E. Dialogue at the Hearth. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 1993.


Definition: official music of the U.S. Virgin Islands, also known as "scratch music." Famous local groups include Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights, Bully and the Kafooners and Jamesie and the All-Stars.
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: (spelled "quailbay") "Adjective used to describe old time music, bands or singing."
Source: Page 101, What a Pistarckle! 

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