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Definition: Pronunciation for "navel" (belly button).
Example: "Me nable-string bury hyah," a saying to mean "I was born here."
Source: Seen on Facebook, 2010.

"Nah dat deh!"

Definition: "No, sir!"
Source: You Know U From the Virgin Islands When U Speak This Language, on Facebook, 2010.

nar, naar

Definition: (1) "not" ("He assumed dat ah did nar had my seatbelt on.")
Source: Page 86, Sterns, Robin. Say it in Crucian! A Complete Guide to Today's Crucian for Speakers of Standard English. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 2008.
(2) euphemism for "bullshit" ("Dis man need to stop he nar.")
Posted by: La La, 2009.
See also: "whole heapa nar"
(3) Foolishness.
Definition: (referring to the fact that the word "nar" has roots in German, Dutch and Danish) "Such may be the case with the word 'naar,' generally used in the phrase 'to mek (make) naar wid...,' or to tease someone. The German word for a fool is 'Naar,' but then, so is the Dutch equivalent to 'Naar,' and the Danish is 'Nar.'"
Source: Derivations of the Cruzan Dialect: With Concentration on Specific Words, 1975(?), on reserve, University of the Virgin Islands libraries.
Definition: "Make fun of. Poke fun at. From Danish: Fool, jester. 'Yoh mekin narr afta me.' You're poking fun at me. [St. Croix voice. Rare in St. John. Unheard on St. Thomas.]"
Source: Page 84, Valls, Lito. What a Pistarckle! A Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole. St. John, USVI. 1981.
Definition: (spelled "naar") "To tease or make fun of a person. Fooling. Example: 'Don't make naar with me.'"
Source: Page 14, Seamon, G.A. Virgin Islands Dictionary. St. Croix, USVI. 1968.

natchuh, nature

Definition: pronunciation for "nature," refers to male sexual drive.
Source: Page 86, Say it in Crucian!
See also: "lose nature."


Definition: "1. Anyone born in the Virgin Islands. 2. Anyone born outside of the Virgin Islands of native parents is also considered native. Former Governor Morris Fidanque de Castro, white, Jewish and born in Panama, was a 'native.'"
Source: Page 85, What a Pistarckle! 


Definition: "no."
Posted by: Yáminah89, 2009.

"Nebba grease a fat pig."

Definition: Leave well enough alone.
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.

the suffix "ner"

Definition: in Crucian, words that end in "ner" are usually pronounced as ending in "nuh" or "nah"
Example: "corner" = "cornah"
Posted by: doctropic, 2009.


Definition: where a Standard English speaker would say "That guy had some nerve...", in Crucian it's "nerves."
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!

nex, next

Definition: used for "another" ("Geh she a nex one" = "Get her another one.")
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "1. More, 'Ge' some next mango for awe.' Get some more mangoes for us. 2. Another. 'We ga' ah next beel.' We have another car."
Source: Page 86, What a Pistarckle! 

nene, neyney

Definition: "grandmother."
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!

"New broom sweep clean. Old broom know de corners."

Definition: Don't give up your old friends for new ones.
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.


Definition: Can be used to mean 'nosey,' looking for gossip about others.
Example: Facebook group: "YO NEWSY MOTHERSCUNT ONLY ADD ME TO LOOK MELEE" = "your nosey [expletive deleted] self just made me your friend on Facebook so you could peek into my personal business."
Source: Facebook, 2010.

"Neva grease a fat pig."

Definition: "Leave well enough alone."
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2010.

"Nevah dat!"

Definition: expression indicating disagreement, meaning, "never, ever," like "No way!"
Source: Page 13, Say it in Crucian!

"Nevah laugh when yoh bruddah get wet."

Definition: proverb, to mean misfortune has no favorites.
Source: Page 59, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: the overwhelming feeling that a nap is needed after a big meal ("Afta she kill the kallaloo, niggaritis staht to click in: her rass ah sleepy bad.")
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!

no, noh

Definition: "1. Any. Used in double negative. 'Ah don' want no fungee.' 2. As. 'Bad no devil.' Bad as a devil. 3. Know. 'Me noh no.' I don't know. NO? interrogative. Isn't that so? Won't you? 'Yoh goin' toh school, noh?' Are you going to school? Maybe from Spanish which has exactly the same locution."
Source: Page 86, What a Pistarckle! 

"no big t'ing"

Definition: "Not to worry. A typical island phrase which has become part of American slang."
Source: Page 86, What a Pistarckle! 

"Nonsense man use fork foh eat soup."

Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2010.

"Not as good as you!"

Definition: response to "How are you?"
Source: Carrie, on Facebook, 2008.

"Not dis guava crop!"

Definition: "Not this time!" Also an affectionate term used for legislatures. "Next guava crop we see wha gon happen!"
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.

"no sa/sah."

Definition: "No, sir," to mean "Absolutely not."
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: "a lot of."
Example: "Gyul, it had nuff cuties lined up fo dat foam party."
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: (spelled "nof") "Plentiful. 'It had nof food to eat.' Food was plentiful."
Source: Page 86, What a Pistarckle! 
Definition: (spelled "nuff") "Obnoxious. Said of a suitor. 'Me noh like 'e, 'e too nuff.' I don't like him, he's too obnoxious."
Source: Page 87, What a Pistarckle! 
Example: "I absolutely love Lindquist Beach on STT. Despite the fact that you had to 'mash up' your car to get to the beach, dodging nuff rocks, pits and holes....but mehson....the view, the water and the crashing of the water as it pushed across the reef was worth the trip!!"
Source: Imani, on Facebook, 2010.
Example: (Referring to the Jam Band's Hurricane Hugo song): "How you don't know wha a 'dan' is? LOL!! Daddy Friday had everybody calling they self that after nuff people run away with everything and anything them man could get they hands on when them man went and see everything mash up!."
Source: Ellis, on Facebook, 2010.
Example: "After [Hurricane] David, they had nuff crapo in the yard in bovoni i hate crapo."
Source: Theodore, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: showiness, bravado.
Example: "So I take my nuffness gwan go ask the man for money."
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: "no."
Example: "Me ain see nuh man" = "I didn't see any men."
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: pronunciation for "nothing" ("I ain do nuttin.")
Alternative spellings: nuting
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!

"Nutin tal go so."

Definition: Used where a statesider might say, "I don't think so," to mean things aren't going to go as you have planned."
Example: St. Croix Avis photo: "God Said 'Let There Be Light' WAPA Said 'Nutin Tal Go So'"
Source: Eveything and Anything Virgin Islands, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: "eat" ("I nyaming my food.")
Alternative spellings: yam
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "Eat. Especially said of eating ravenously. Note the proverb: 'Nyam some, leff some.' Eat some, leave some. An imperative to save for a rainy day."
Source: Page 87, What a Pistarckle! 


Definition: (NYAM-pee) - the mucus secreted from the eyes, generally found upon waking in the morning, sometimes euphemistically referred to by Statesiders as "sleep" ("I wake up wid nyampi in meh eye," "I deck deh man a hard punch right in between he yampee eye dem.")
Alternative spellings: yampee, 'nyampe
Source: Page 87, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "a mote, or speck of mucus in the corner of the eye." From the Twi word "aniwampe" which has the same meaning.
Source: Emanuel, Lezmore Evan. "Surviving Africanisms in Virgin Islands English Creole." Diss. Howard U, 1970.

blank entry

Definition: blank
Example: blank
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Alternative spellings: blank
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