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Definition: Seriously Old School term for suitcase, small hand luggage. "noun; luggage, suitcase. Man, I ca'an wait to go home; mi valice pack from las' week."
Source: Page 90, Roy, John D. A Brief Description and Dictionary of the Language Used in the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas, USVI. 1975.
See also: "cutrements."


Definition: "angry" or "upset," used far more often in Virgin Islands English Creole than in Standard English, where "vexed" is considered a bit old-fashioned ("I so vex at she", "Why you look so vex?")
Source: Page 94, Sterns, Robin. Say it in Crucian! A Complete Guide to Today's Crucian for Speakers of Standard English. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 2008.
Example: "When you vex, u does chuuups and cut eye."
Source: Chardonnay, on Facebook, 2009.
Example: "Dah shit duh mak me vex!"
Source: Anetra, on Facebook, 2007.

vibe, vibes

Definition: atmosphere or feelings ("Dat deh was some real upsetting vibes, deh man."), can also refer to business dealings ("She would check a partner to deal wit dat vibes for hah.")
Source: Page 94, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: "Former slave quarters on an estate."
Source: Page 132, Valls, Lito. What a Pistarckle! A Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole. St. John, USVI. 1981.


Definition: Crucians pronounce this more like "VUHgin."
Source: Page 94, Say it in Crucian!

Virgin Islander

Definition: emphasis can be on the second syllable "eyeLANDer."
Source: Page 94, Say it in Crucian!

blank entry

Definition: blank
Example: blank
Source: blank
Alternative spellings: blank
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