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"ice pop"

Definition: See "lindy"


Definition: "Icing."
Source: Page 60, Valls, Lito. What a Pistarckle! A Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole. St. John, USVI. 1981.
Definition: Pronunciation for "icing."
Example: "lmao @ putting 'icinin' on deh cake!!"
Source: Kerisha, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: "I would have. Also, he'da, she'da, dey'day (sic), we'da and ti'da (it would have). 'I'da dwit foh yoh if yoh had aks.' I would have done it for you if you had asked."
Source: Page 60, What a Pistarckle! 


Definition: "An emphatic affirmative riposte akin to 'You bet your sweet life.' 'It had plenty people to de rally?' Riposte: 'If!' Was the rally well attended? Riposte: You better believe it. See: HOW YOH MEAN."
Source: Page 60, What a Pistarckle! 

"I deh ya."

Definition: (St. Croix) I've been around, hangin around, not doin much.
Example: "Wha goin on?" "Man i deh ya."
Posted by: Felisha G, 2009.

"I ga no nickle in dat dime!"

Definition: "I have no part in that!"
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.

"I goin to come back."

Definition: "I'll be back."
Source: Carrie, on Facebook, 2008.

"I gone."

Definition: "Parting salutation. Goodbye. Also said, Man gone."
Source: Page 60, What a Pistarckle! 

"I tellin yo!"

Definition: common expression, response to a remark, to mean, "I'm telling you/I agree/I had noticed."
Source: Page 13, Sterns, Robin. Say it in Crucian! A Complete Guide to Today's Crucian for Speakers of Standard English. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 2008.

"I was born at night, but not last night!"

Definition: expression equivalent to stateside "I wasn't born yesterday!" to mean I'm smarter than you are giving me credit for/know exactly what's going on.
Source: Rene, on Facebook, 2010.

"If man caan dance, 'e seh music no good."

Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.

If the V.I. Seaplane was hijacked by terrorists...

Hijacker: Everybody this is a hijack..no body moves or I'll blow up this plane to pieces.
Virgin Islander: Chuuuuuuups ey watch nuh, deh man need toh siddung before I drive yoh rass ah hard slap. Mekkin ah heap ah noise bow hijack! Hijack who? you mussee crazy!
Hijacker: I am serious.. don't try anything funny boy.
Virgin Islander: I look like ah bwai toh yoh stchupid rass? Eh? Who deh man callin bwai? You gon watch ah big man like me and call me bwai? Chuuuuups,ey yow somebody taak toh dis clung before he pickup some blows!
Crowd: You gon tek dat? How you gon leh he taak toh you suh? Bax dung he rass meson, Knock he fuss, Heen know who you be. Lick he rass dung dread! Buss he ah hard chuck meson!
A fight ensues. The crowd cheers on.
The captain hears the rumble. He exits from the cockpit.
Captain: Ey wha goin on yah? Wah ayoh beatin deh man fah?
Virgin Islander: Big man, dis lil faggitt muddaskunt come yah moutin off bow he Hijackin dis plane. Heen see ah plane full ah VI peeple tryin toh reach safe? Suh we gato drive some lick in he rass toh cool he dung.
Captain: Hijack?!!! Well my peace, dis man waan some licks man.
Virgin Islander: Yeah big man, pawtnah seh he come toh blow up deh plane an heep ah frig, den he gon call big man bwai afta I tell he rass toh siddung. Man gato mek it toh deh village tonite toh check Jam Band and dis lil maggit tryin toh hole up progress. Wah duh fuck wrang weh he meson?
Captain: **CUFF!!!!** Yoh lil anti-man rass yoh. You believe you coh juss come yah ann tekk ovah MY plane? **CUFF** Siddung an hush yoh skunt before I fling yoh rass troo di exit door. Yoh lil muddaskunt ain waan nuttin rung yah. Yoh hear wah I seh? Flight Attendants .. Ayoh, if he geh up, buss he rass one ah dem Cruzan rum battle on he friggin head! Some man juss cyan behave deh meson. "JAH"
Crowd: **Applause** (Cheering) Good foh yoh rass, yoh too nuff waan come hijack our plane afta wi welcome yoh rass on our islands. Wait til wi lan man, dem man from deh ghettos gon deal weh yoh rass. Yoh gon sorry you com on dis plane. We don frig around yoh know, yoh will learn.
Hijacker: Are we there yet?
Source: Widely distributed e-mail, the source here is Eveything and Anything Virgin Islands (group), on Facebook, 2009.

Note: This was originally a Jamaican joke. See "if air jamaica was hijacked" here or see American comedian Mike Yard do the bit (and others) here.

"If there is mud before it rains, imagine what happens when it storms!"

Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.

"If you caan dance, don't blame de floor!

Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.

"If yoh dig up old grave, dem smell stink!"

Definition: "Don't bring up old quarrels."
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2010.

"if yo bad"

Definition: (spelled "ef yoh bad") "If you dare. 'Touch dem marble ef-yoh-bad.' Touch those marbles if you dare."
Source: Page 39, What a Pistarckle! 

"If yoh no hear lil bell, yoh bound foh hear big bell."

Definition: proverb, to mean one who does not listen will feel the consequences of his/her actions.
Source: Page 59, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: used to refer to people who get "vex" quickly.
Source: Page 82, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "Bad tempered. 'We Crucian is a very ignorant people, yoh no.' We Crucians are very bad tempered."
Source: Page 60, What a Pistarckle!


Definition: pronunciation for "it."
Example: "Ih real hot outside."
Source: Page 82, Say it in Crucian!

ihne, ine

Definition: "I ain't..." or "I don't/didn't..." ("Ine see dem" = "I didn't see them.")
Source: Page 82, Say it in Crucian!

"Ihs good!"

Definition: (St. Thomas) "Serves you right!"
Source: You Know U From the Virgin Islands When U Speak This Language, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: "Rastafarian circumlocution for we."
Source: Page 27, Valls, Lito. New Supplement: What a Pistarckle! A Dictionary of Virgin Islsands English Creole. St. John, USVI, 1990. 
Definition: "I-n-I is central in understanding the Rastafarian reality. The idea of I-n-I connotes the self as being linked with symbols of divine agency i.e. Sellassie I, Rastafari I. I-n-I is used as a substitute for 'me' which the Rastas consider a servile and exclusionary word, and also for the words 'you,' 'them,' and 'we,' all of which detach the object from the speaker. Furthermore the 'I' of the self is fundamentally related to the 'I' in Sellassie I (the Roman number I or first is entirely disregarded and instead understood as the first person singular)....The Rastafarian who chooses to assert I-n-I is thus an 'uplifted' one, one that has rediscovered his/her dignity."
Source: Ethiopian Diaspora Academic Page, http://www.angelfire.com/ak/sellassie/page5.html


Definition: called out when visiting someone's property.
Source: Page 82, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "Greeting called from outdoors while approaching a house. ...It was considered bad manners to walk up to a door without giving a verbal salutation. Probably because in days gone by our doors were always wide open."
Source: Page 61, What a Pistarckle!
Definition: "When one approached someone's home, you didn't go in the yard. You stayed outside and yelled out 'inside' to see if they were home, if they were, those inside would yell 'outside' and then see what you wanted."
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.
Example: "there is a particular way to express "inside." You elongate the "side"...such as "siiiiiiiiiiiide" in a semi-singing fashion to get "insiiiiiiiiiiiide." Sometimes you can also tell the mood of the person expressing the "inside." You can hear the difference between an angry or impatient "inside" and a (just stopping by to say hello) "inside." "Inside" is as traditional as "g' marnin, good afternoon, and go' night."
Source: David, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: from Rastafarian, meaning everything is okay, fine, a good vibe, "cool."
Source: Pages 11, 82, Say it in Crucian!

I's, ise, i'z

Definition: "I am..."
Example: "I's a Crucian!"
Source: Page 82, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: (spelled "ise") "I am."
Source: Page 61, What a Pistarckle!

"is for"

Definition: "Belongs to. 'Dem marble is foh he.' Those marbles belong to him."
Source: Page 61, What a Pistarckle! 

'it bankin' up"

Definition: "phrase; it looks like rain. Betta bring in de wash. It bankin' up."
Source: Page 75, Roy, John D. A Brief Description and Dictionary of the Language Used in the Virgin Islands. St. Thomas, USVI, 1975.

"it got"

Definition: Used to mean "there is," "there are."
Example: "Why we gane Wendy's and it got a hair on the cover of my bro's drink?"
Source: Seen on Facebook, 2009.

Isle, Isles

Definition: slang way to refer to the Sunny Isle Shopping Center.
Example: "Wanna go to isles?"
Source: Page 82, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: "Pure food. No meat, etc. [Rastafarian parlance]."
Source: Page 28, New Supplement: What a Pistarckle!

"it had"

Definition: Used where Standard English calls for "there was/were."
Example: "November ah last year it had a big ting on de island mehson." = "Last November there was a huge event on the island."
Source: Pages 46, 82, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "There were. 'It had ah lot ah people de.' There were many people there."
Source: Page 61, What a Pistarckle!
Example: "Man this was so funny it had tears running down my eyes!!"
Source: Evelina, on Facebook, 2009.


Definition: "is everyone...", "are all of you..."
Example: "Iyo sleepin?"
Source: Page 82, Say it in Crucian!

izles, izzles

Definition: slang for "islands."
Example: "A shout-out to the BV Izzles!" = "Hello to everyone in the British Virgin Islands!"
Source: Page 82, Say it in Crucian!

blank entry

Definition: blank
Example: blank
Source: blank
Alternative spellings: blank
Tags: blank

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