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pa, pah

Definition: used like "where" ("Pa she deh?" = "Where is she?")
Source: Page 88, Sterns, Robin. Say it in Crucian! A Complete Guide to Today's Crucian for Speakers of Standard English. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 2008.

pahtnah, pardnah

Definition: "partner," friend or acquaintance, usually male.
Examples: "He helpin he pahtnah," "I link up wi my pahtnah dem an just went Sharkey's."
Alternative spellings: pawtnah, pardhah, partnah
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: Pronunciation for "pon," as in "upon." See "pon."

Papa, papa

Definition: (1) male Puerto Rican ("Yousa Papa?" = "Are you Puerto Rican?"). (2) slang for "money" ("People bin spendin da papa foh dis ting.")
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "Name given to male Puerto Ricans by native Crucians."
Source: Page 92, Valls, Lito. What a Pistarckle! A Dictionary of Virgin Islands English Creole. St. John, USVI. 1981.


Definition: pronunciation for "paper" ("You know when skool almos ova when de teacha geh you a lang pepa to write.")
Alternative spellings: pepa
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!

papi, papis

Definition: (paPEES) - men, usually Hispanic ("You shoulda see dem sexy Puerto Rican papis!")
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!

para, parah

Definition: crazy or paranoid.
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: crackhead, comes from "paranoid. How they get after doing the stuff: "paraman," "parawoman."
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2009.
Example: "Hear story...woman went para on the senate floor, cuss out all the senators."
Source: Eveything and Anything Virgin Islands, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: "Wha happen? Yoh eat parrot?" Expression to mean why won't you stop talking?
Source: Monica, on Facebook, 2010.
Also: "Yu mussee nyam parrot bottom this marnin," "Yo mus eat parrot backside, make you talk so much!", "Yo eat parrot bum yo cyan shut up", LaTisha, Kurt and Kimby (respectively), on Facebook, 2010.

"pass by"

Definition: used where a speaker of Standard English would say "visit," "stop by" or "come by" someone's house."
Example: "I go pass by yo lata" = "I will visit you at your house later."
Posted by: Kathy Cooke, 2009.


Definition: used as an expression to indicate surprise or disbelief ("Well, my peace!")
Source: Page 12, Say it in Crucian!

"peace out"

Definition: used as a farewell ("Peace out, man, an stay safe.")
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: "Hungry."
Source: Page 94, What a Pistarckle! 

"peep game"

Definition: "check it out," "let me tell you something": to inform a person of what's happening ("Peep game: this is how cris I break it down to her.")
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: my family, my people, from Stateside urban slang ("I went and visit my peeps by Concordia.")
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: "grandfather."
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!


pie assing

Definition: "fooling around."
Example: (from the poem "Kasha in Man Blood")
"The shepherd has been
piassing too long in the pasture;
sheep, bring him home."
Source: Williams, Marvin E. Dialogue at the Hearth. St. Croix: Antilles Press, 1993.
Example: "Meh son, stop pie assing!"
Source: Juliette, on Facebook, 2010.

"pickin whelks/wilks"

Definition: Virgin Islands equivalent for "high-water pants," wearing pants that are obviously too short.
Source: Page 58, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "A person wearing trousers that are too short is said to be 'pickin' wilks.'"
Source: Page 95, What a Pistarckle! 
Example: "Picking whelks! My mother used to ask me if I was goin to do that when my pants was too high!!!"
Posted by: Horace, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: "children."
Alternative spellings: piknee, pickney
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!
Example: "VI Massive Big Up....reppin in Japan wit me honie an me tree picknies."
Posted by: Tasha on Facebook, 2009.

P.I.M.P., pimp

Definition: "Playa Into Making Progress."
Source: Pages 40, 88, Say it in Crucian!
Definition: "1. Peep. Eavesdrop. 2. Squeal on. 'E pimp de teacher on me.' He squealed on me to the teacher."
Source: Page 96, What a Pistarckle! 


Definition: "A boisterous performance. Confusion. Said of a group gone out of control....At a meeting of the Legislature of the V.I. which had gotten out of hand with all shouting and gesticulating at once, President Malloy remarked, "this is like a fish wharf." To which Senator Earle Ottley quickly yelled above the din, "'Tis worse than a fish wharf; 'tis a pistarckle!"
Source: Page 96, What a Pistarckle!


Definition: a joint made of only marijuana.
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!

"Play fool to catch wise."

Definition: Saying to mean to pretend to be foolish in order to outsmart others.
Source: Ronnie Lockhart, on Facebook, 2010.

"play mas'"

Definition: "To masquerade. To participate in a troupe or floupe at festival time."
Source: Page 97, What a Pistarckle!

"Plenty a sand on dat beach!"

Definition: expression to mean one in a million, one of many. Overheard in relation to the number of good-looking men on St. Thomas.
Posted by: doctropic, 2009.

"Plug it out."

Definition: to unplug an electrical appliance.
Source: Carrie, on Facebook, 2008.
Definition: ("plug-out") "Unplug an electric device. 'Please plug-out de goose.' Please un-plug the iron."
Source: Page 97, What a Pistarckle!


Definition: "Flamboyant tree (Delonix regia). Named after Governor de Poincy of St. Croix of the then French West Indies."
Source: Page 98, What a Pistarckle!

politricks, politrix

Definition: "System of power in a corrupt society. Originally a Rastafarian term, now common in hiphop culture."
Example: "Babylon can't fool I wit its bloodsucking thieves, murders and politricks." (Bob Marley lyric).
Source: urbandictionary.com, 2004.


Definition: "On. Upon. More often pronounced PAN."
Source: Page 98, What a Pistarckle!
Example: "Gyul, LMAO, yu mudda gon kill you if she find out yu put she name pon FB!" = "Your mother will kill you if she finds out you put her name on Facebook!"
Source: Gabrielle, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: Said where a Statersider might say "fart."
Example: "We didn't used to fart, we used to poops."
Source: James, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: Stateside slang for "police" ("Deh popo dem staht drivin rung sehing ain got no more parking.")
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: a gay man.
Source: You Know U From the Virgin Islands When U Speak This Language, on Facebook, 2010.

"pop off"

Definition: like "go off" in Stateside slang, to go crazy/get violent ("I gon pop off on dem man.")
Source: Page 88, Say it in Crucian!

"poppin off"

Definition: slang for "lots going on" ("I reach deh and tings dun been poppin off.")
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!

"pop style," "poppin style"

Definition: "Someone who is 'poppin style' is looking good."
Source: Page 18, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: sometime pronunciation of Pueblo grocery store ("I saw he pueen what had look like a Preblo bag" = "I saw him putting it in what looked like a Pueblo bag.")
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: "a girl who is pregnant."
Source: Wayne, on Facebook, 2010.


Definition: "Includes all eatables such as yams, cabbages, tomatoes, pumpkins, pindas, arrowroot, bananas, plantains, cassada, okras, maize, coco and sweet potatoes." Also "ground food."
Source: Page 100, What a Pistarckle!

Pueblo bag

Definition: used universally to refer to plastic grocery bags from any store on St. Croix.
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!

pu, pooh

Definition: Pronunciation for "put." "Go pu the ting bak an sit yoself down deman."
Posted by: Vernon, 2010.


Definition: pronunciation for "put it in."
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: someone of Puerto Rican descent born and/or raised on St. Croix.
Also: Cruzanrican
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!

pu, puh

Definition: Pronunciation for "put."
Example: "u betta puh my tings on Crucian Dictionary!" = "You'd better put the words I submitted on Crucian Dictionary!"
Posted by: MZ AMC aka Ann-Marie Charles of Rock C T, 2010.
Example: "go pu the ting bak an sit yoself down dehman."
Posted by: Vernon Smith, 2010.

"pum pum"

Definition: "vagina."
Source: You Know U From the Virgin Islands When U Speak This Language, on Facebook, 2010.

pum pum fly

Definition: See "mampi."


Definition: Pronunciation for "pound."
Example: (referring to using a motar and pestle to make "pung seasoning": "That was my job. Pung the garlic and salt to season for the week."
Source: Rachel, on Facebook, 2010.

pung seasoning

Definition: See "adobo" and "mortar and pestle."
Definition: (spelled "pong seas'nin") "Mixed food seasoning, including pond salt."
Source: Page 98, What a Pistarckle!


Definition: "father."
Posted by: Yáminah89, 2009.


Definition: "Nothing but. Pronounced PYOH. 'It had pyoh black people deh. There were nothing but black people there."
Source: Page 100, What a Pistarckle!


Definition: "girl."
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: a man skilled at manipulating – "playing" – women by pretending to care about them, when in reality he is only interested in sex.
See also: kyat
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!

"Put rat to mind cheese."

Definition: Saying to mean "put a thief to watch a thief."
Source:Ronny Lockhart, on Facebook, 2010.

put put, putt putt

Definition: an old car.
Source: Page 89, Say it in Crucian!


Definition: To put something down or away.
Example: "Puttum deh" ("put it there") or "puttum up" ("put it away").
Posted by: Yáminah89, 2009.

blank entry

Definition: blank
Example: blank
Source: blank
Alternative spellings: blank
Tags: blank

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